Roberto Canessa at the Next SOLACI-CACI

The world-renowned Uruguayan pediatric cardiologist and Andes survivor will deliver a free-access talk within the upcoming SOLACI-CACI 2017 Congress. Almost 45 years after the life-altering accident, Canessa will share with the audience the despair he felt while on the brink of death, what he learned from that experience, and how that influenced his decision to become one of the world’s leading pediatric cardiologists (who receives worldwide praise for his work with newborn patients at the Montevideo Italian Hospital).

The activity is entitled “The Triumph of Human Spirit” and will take place on Thursday, August 3rd, 18 h, at the Pacífico Room (Main Arena), Hotel Hilton (Macacha Güemes 351, CABA). Access to the talk is open and free for all Congress attendees and non-attendees. However, non-attendees interested in being part of the audience must register in advance by sending an e-mail to [email protected] including their personal information (first name, last name, and ID number).

After this activity, there will be a book signing with Dr. Canessa.

Activity: The Triumph of Human Spirit – Roberto Canessa


On October 12th, 1972, a Uruguayan Air Force plane carrying members of the Old Christians rugby team crashed into the Andes Mountains. At only 19 years old, Roberto Canessa made a mark in history as one of the two survivors of that accident (the other being Nando Parrado) who walked 11 days in the snow to get help. Access to the talk is open and free. Date: Thursday, August 3rd. We will publish more information soon.

When? Thursday, August 3rd, 18 h. This activity will take place within the SOLACI-CACI 2017 Congress.

Where? Hotel Hilton (Macacha Güemes 351, CABA), Pacífico Room (Main Arena).

Who can attend? Access to the talk is free and open to the whole community. In consequence, both Congress attendees and non-attendees can be a part of the audience.

How should NON-attendees register for the talk? They must send an e-mail to [email protected] including their personal information (first name, last name, and ID number). Prior registration is MANDATORY.

Are Congress attendees required to register for the talk? No, that is not required. If they are registered for the Congress, they will be granted access to the talk.


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