SOLACI-SOCIME 2018: Here are the Winners

See the list of winners for all contests carried out as part of the last SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress. The names were announced on Friday, August 3rd, at the Congress closing ceremony.


SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress Best Abstract Award:

Winners: Dr. Botelho Carlos, Dr. Padilla Lucio, Dr. Harada Ribeiro Marcelo, Dr Araya Mario, Dr. Ybarra Luis Fernando, Dr. Piccaro Pedro, Dr. Belli Karlyse, Dr. De Schaan de Quadro Alexandre.

Tema: “Percutaneous Coronary Interventions in Chronic Total Occlusions in the daily practice in Latin America: The SBHCI Interventional CTO Registry”.

SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress Best Pediatric Abstract Award:

Winners: Dra. Cunha Giolana Mascarenhas, Dra. Maia Marcella, Dr. Fonseca Jose Honorio, Dr. Kajita Luiz, Dr. Ribeiro Henrique, Dr. Arrieta Raúl.

Tema: “Initial experience of percutaneous tricuspid valve implantation ("valve in valve") in late postoperative period of congenital heart disease using a Brazilian prosthesis”.

SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress Best Nurse & Technician Abstract Award:

Winner: Prieto Alejandro, Zavala Hinojosa Felipe.

Tema: “Evaluation of lead-free radioprotection elements in relation to classical elements, taking into account their attenuation at different energies in a coronary catheterization room”.

Best Exams at ProEducar Course “José Gabay”:

  • 1st Prize: Dr. Juan Carlos Taborda Galván (México).
  • 2nd Prize: Dr. Leonardo Danduch (Argentina).
  • 3rd Prize: Dr. Jesús Sinue Márquez López (México).
  • 4th Prize: Dr. Ernesto Alexis Barrera Oranday (México).
  • 5th Prize: Dr. Juan Manuel Rodriguez Castillo (México).
  • 6th Prize: Dr. Oscar Felipe Sepúlveda (Chile).
  • 7th Prize: Dr. Paulina Cisneros (Ecuador).
  • 8th Prize: Dr. Pablo Antileo (Chile).

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